About Us

Bonanza Kennel Club was formed in Carson City, NV, in 1981. Our first licensed AKC show was held on September 30, 1989. Since then, we have held annual AKC All-Breed Dog Shows at Fuji Park (except in 2020 when covid struck). We hold an AKC B-Match during the summer, usually offer free handling classes during the spring and summer, and we offer breeder referral services.

Over the years, Bonanza has been instrumental in the development of Fuji Park. Bonanza sponsored the purchase of all of the large barrel garbage cans at the park, we were involved in planting some of the grass and some grass "repair", some sprinklers, and from time to time have added some other contribution to the cause!

Bonanza is open to all who have or love dogs and want to participate in training, showing, learning to ring steward, or to just have fun with your dog and other "dog people". 

Our monthly meeting is held the first Tuesday of every month (there's no December meeting) in the Joshua Tree Room at the Carson City Senior Center, 911 Beverly Drive, at 7:00 p.m. Meetings are open to anyone interested.