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Ever wonder what all those letters are that you see before & after a dog's name mean? Here's a comprehensive list from AKC for you! 

AKC Rally (AKC Video 3:57 minutes)

American Kennel Club 
     Learn about dog breeds, find dog clubs, look for upcoming events, get information on health, care, & training 

A Beginners Guide to Dog Shows 

Find a Dog Show

How Do I Get Started Showing Dogs? (
AKC Video 4:23 minutes)

New Exhibitor Orientation Brochure
     published by Dog Show Superintendent Association 

Rules, Regulations & Policies
     Online resource for AKC Rules, Regulations, & Policies - includes record keeping & identification of dogs; registration; misconduct at AKC events; dog sports; procedural manuals & more! 

Terminology used when talking about dogs ~ A Compendium of Words and Phrases
Referring to Dogs ~ 
The Canine in Conversation

Types of AKC dog events 

Welcome to the Dog Show
     A guide for first time spectators